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Department of Chiropractic

The Chiropractic Education Colloquium 2014

On Thursday 17th April 2014 the Department of Chiropractic in the Faculty of Science hosted a Chiropractic Education Colloquium. This event provided an opportunity for leading Australian and New Zealand stakeholders in chiropractic education to meet and reflect on pertinent issues facing the profession.

About the event

Chiropractic education in Australia has a rich history that includes the world's first amalgamation of a chiropractic college with a public university - The Department of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. The seminar aimed to:

  1. Report historical aspects of chiropractic legislation and education in Australia
  2. Inform stakeholders of current best practice in chiropractic education
  3. Advise academic leaders on models of best practice in education

The colloquium provided perspectives from leading honorary life members, academics, regulators and industry advisors active in the profession.

Speakers: Featuring several prominent speakers, including:


Time Proceedings
8:30am Colloquium registration desk opens for participants
9.00am Open and Acknowledgement, Dr Rosemary Giuriato (Head of Department of Chiropractic, MQ)
9.15am "The relationship between chiropractic legislation and educational standards in Australia" Dr Edwin P. Devereaux AM
9.30am "History of Chiropractic education in Australia" Dr Edwin P. Devereaux AM
9:45am "The role of academia in the development of the World Federation of Chiropractic" Dr John A. Sweaney AM
10.15am Morning tea break (discussion and dialogue over refreshments)
10.45am "The current standard of chiropractic education in Australia" Dr Michael Shobbrook
11.00am "Maintaining and developing chiropractic clinical competencies" Dr Phillip Donato OAM
11.15am "Research in education and developing academic capacity" Professor Jon Adams
11.30am "Academic Leadership in Higher Education" Professor Peter Drake AM
11.45am Closing address, Dr Rosemary Giuriato