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Department of Chiropractic

Research Degrees

The Department of Chiropractic conducts and promotes interdisciplinary research in a wide variety of areas covering the health sciences. For information on the range of projects being carried out by students and staff, often in collaboration with government or industry partners.

Applications for all research programs may be lodged during the course of the academic year, there are semester 1 and semester 2 intakes for each program.

  • Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes)
  • Master of Philosophy in Health and Chiropractic (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chiropractic (PhD)

Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes)

Master of Research Advisor:     
Dr Benjamin Brown
Phone: +61 2 9850 6383

Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) Program
Macquarie University is the first university in Australia to introduce the international-standard two-year research training pathway leading to Master of Research. From 2013, Macquarie will be delivering a new standard in research training for students wishing to progress toward higher degree research. This training pathway aligns with the well-known ‘Bologna model’ and will therefore provide students with internationally recognised research training before beginning doctoral study (PhD).
The Master of Research in Chiropractic is a combination of advanced coursework in the field and structured research training. In preparation for their individual research projects, students will survey key ground-breaking and innovative research issues in chiropractic research, while developing skills in research practice and project management.

Admission Requirements:
Candidates who have a complete Bachelor Honours degree or a Master of Chiropractic degree may receive up to 32 credit points towards the BPhil/MRes program. This means that it is possible for postgraduates from the Department of Chiropractic to commence the BPhil/MRes program from Year 2. Academic advisors may require candidates who receive credit for prior learning to complete specified coursework before admission to Year 2.
To be admitted into year 2 of the MRes program in the Department of Chiropractic an applicant must have completed a Master of Chiropractic degree. A level of performance equivalent to a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4 point scale overall (or equivalent to a credit average at the highest level of study*) in the Master of Chiropractic degree is required for entry.

*A credit grade is usually taken to be 65% or higher. Highest level of study refers to the second year of the Master of Chiropractic degree.
Applicants who do not meet the standard entry criteria may still be considered on a case-by-case basis, if they supply evidence of their aptitude for the program.

Structure of the Program:
Year 2 of the Department of Chiropractic BPhil/MRes program consists of 32 credit points and is based around five core activities:

  • Research Frontiers 2
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methods
  • Research Planning
  • Thesis (20,000 words) based on a small research project

For specific details of Department of Chiropractic year 2 MRes program click here.
For a timeline of the activities and assessment tasks for year 2 MRes click here.
On successful completion of year 2 of the BPhil/MRes program, candidates will be awarded the Master of Research degree.


Supervision of MRes students in the Department of Chiropractic will be determined based on the student’s proposed research topic. A principal supervisor with the relevant expertise and content knowledge will be assigned to each MRes student. In addition to this, a supervisory panel (made up of academics from the Department) will oversee the Department’s MRes cohort.  

Fees and Scholarships:
For domestic students, this program attracts Australian Government funding, packaged as a Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) to meet regulations. International students will be enrolled in the Master of Research program throughout the two years. In both cases, students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the Master of Research degree.

Students, both domestic and international, who obtained standard numerical grades of ≥75% during the final year of their Master of Chiropractic program are eligible for a $16,000 AUD stipend in the 2nd year of the BPhil/MRes degree. 
Domestic students who complete the Master of Research at a specified level of performance (high distinction average or ≥85%) will be eligible to receive a three-year PhD scholarship including stipend.
Domestic students may study part-time, but part-time students will not be eligible for the stipend.
The Masters/PhD program is compatible with many international scholarship schemes. Bundled offers of entry to the combined MRes/ PhD program may be available for students sponsored by international scholarship schemes.

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