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Department of Chiropractic

Research Administration

Research Coordinator

Dr Roger Engel is the Research Coordinator in the Department of Chiropractic. His responsibility is to oversee the research activities of the Department, to promote research, to foster the application of research in the teaching of the Department, particularly from the view of evidence based practice. The Research Coordinator also assesses HDR applications in liaison with the Head of Department.

Master of Research Coordinator

Dr Benjamin Brown is the MRes Coordinator in the Department. His role is to coordinate the development of the curriculum design, organise meetings, liaise with the Undergraduate/Postgraduate and Grad Dip coordinators and provide advice to the Head of Department.

Ethics Committees

The two Ethics committees concerned with research are The Human Ethics Committee and the Animal Ethics Committee.

All research projects involving either human or animals must be presented to the relevant Ethics Committee in the Ethics Department. See "How to obtain ethics approval"

Biosafety Committee

A/Professor Subra Vemulpad is the Chair of the Biosafety Committee. This Committee reviews all projects which involve biologically hazardous substances.

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