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Department of Chiropractic

About Us

Welcome to our team! This area of the website has been created and maintained for all Chiropractic contract Staff - Tutors, Demonstrators and Lecturers.


Employment Opportunities

Selections to the 2014 teaching program are currently being processed.

Applications are now closed. 18th November 2013

Link to the 2014 Timetable

Thursday 27 FEBRUARY 2014
, Venue C5C Forum

Registration and Lunch from 12 Noon.

Contact Louella Almeida, Executive Officer for more information

e: or p: 9850 9523

Casual Academic Staff Induction Booklet 2014

When do classes start? All Lectures start in Week 1 (ie the week of 3 March 2014) and some Tutorials and Practicals start in Week 1 others in Week 2. Click on the above link to find out when classes start.

Code of Conduct

This Code confirms our commitment to the university’s values and outlines the expectations that are made of all staff of the university.  All staff are expected to perform their duties and conduct the academic and business activities of the university with efficiency, fairness, impartiality, integrity honesty and compassion.

Public Comment Policy

Applies to all university staff and covers any comment in any medium, where it might be reasonably expected that the publication or circulation of the comment will spread to the community at large. This includes comments in web-based communications such as social networks, forums and blogs; and the appropriate handling of confidential information.

A breach of these policies would result in disciplinary procedures.

Evidence of Right to Work in Australia



You must have provided us with your contract paperwork prior to commencement of classes so that we can ensure that you are on the payroll system.

Please click on the following link for ONLINE ACADEMIC TIMESHEET USER GUIDE.

Click here to access HR Online to submit your timesheet.

You must check and make changes where necessary to your timesheet every fortnight by the following dates: Timesheet Due Dates for 2014. Changes such as extra work performed or classes not taken must be noted on your timesheet as they occur.

Click on the following link for information on the current hourly Pay Rates and Job Descriptions.

The university entered into a new Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement in 2011.

Unit Class Lists, Unit Outlines, SPA flowchart

Please contact the Unit Convenor for a class list. As there are a couple of versions of this report on Student 1 please specify exactly which type of class list you require. Contact Christina Cassidy on 9850 6389 or email or Louella Almeida on 9850 9523 or email

All Unit Outlines are available through iTeach or via a central university repository @ Unit Outline.

Please click here for the 2014 SPA flowchart.

Professional Development

Learning & Teaching A-Z 2014 - Useful information for staff about setting up for teaching in Session 1 and the support offered by the Learning and Teaching Centre

You can also enrol into the program Foundations in Teaching and Learning which is open to all academic staff or apply to the TIP Tutoring Induction Program and also arrange to have your teaching evaluated via the Teaching Evaluation for Development Services (TEDS)

Sessional Staff Website This site has been developed as a toolkit to support sessional staff at Macquarie University. You might find this site useful if you are a sessional staff member, an administrator who manages sessional staff, or a unit convenor or Head of Department who has responsibility for sessional staff. Resources on this site have been grouped according to these roles.

Health and safety

Please read the Chiropractic Laboratories Health and Safety Manual 2014 developed specifically for Chiropractic Labs on Level 3, E5A.

First Aid Kits are located in the staff tea room (E7A227) and in all E5A skills labs on E5A 310, 320 and 330.

All staff must have completed the WHS Induction with the relevant Convenor prior to the start of semester.

Students are bound by similar rules Chiropractic Lab Rules for Students. It is the responsibilty of the Assistant Coordinator to go through these rules with the students prior to starting the first class.

The department will be carrying out periodic checks of the Labs in E5A using the Chiropractic Laboratory Checklist.

Breaches to any of the above could result in disciplinary action by the Head of Department.

All E5A Labs are equipped with a phone to be used for emergencies and internal numbers only.

If a person is seriously injured or ill, call Security immediately on x 9999 (9850 9999). If you cannot reach x.9999 dial 0-000 (000 from external phone) and ask for AMBULANCE, FIRE BRIGADE or POLICE. Provide your name, phone number, location, number of people involved, and details of the medical emergency.  Staff requiring basic first aid should call a First Aid Officer or Security on x7112.

Christina Cassidy is the department First Aid Officer. Christina can be contacted by phone on 98506389 or or click here for a list of First Aid Officers in the Faculty of Science.

OHS Accident and Incident Form

Strategic Planning

Department Strategic Plan 2011-2016


Visit the Research page of our website to find out more about the areas of research that Chiropractic academics are involved in

The Department has a research seminar program featuring talks of general interest. These are held regularly and are advertised on the website at:


  • Department Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • Research Committee Meetings are held approximately every month.
  • Student Staff Liaison Meetings are held twice per semester.

Useful Links

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Updated 26 February 2014