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Department of Chiropractic

What can you expect at our Chiropractic Clinics?

The first consultation will take approximately 60 minutes and will include the taking of a full patient medical history, a range of diagnostic tests (orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic examination) to determine chiropractic treatment needs. Chiropractic interns will review all of the tests then consult with available research materials and their Chiropractic supervisors to develop a statement of case findings as well as an individualised Ongoing Chiropractic Care Plan.

At the second appointment, the treating Chiropractic intern will take the patient though the statement of case findings and the intended Chiropractic Care Plan developed. Second and subsequent appointments take approximately 25 – 30 minutes. At regular intervals, interns and supervisors will review patient progress against the care plan, and update the care plan as required.

If required, a digital X-Ray image may also be taken on site, or else referred to an external radiology practitioner.

Our Chiropractic Clinics at Eastwood, Summer Hill and Macquarie Park are equipped with modern radiological x-ray imaging equipment, and all three Chiropractic Clinics utilise modern chiropractic treatment tables. Our chiropractic interns provide a service to over 25,000 patients per year with a wide range of health problems. A list is outlined in Table 1. At all times, our interns are supervised by registered senior chiropractors who have access to cutting edge research to facilitate the development of a patient specific Chiropractic Care Plan.

Our experienced clinical supervisor team ensures that interns meet the highest standards of patient care as well as reinforcing exemplary academic standards of diagnosis and treatment.

 Table 1: A list of health problems which are treated at the clinics


Back Pain

Neck Pain



Disc Problems

Arm & Leg Pain

Joint Pain




Shoulder Pain



Restriction of Mobility

Strains & Sprains

Digital X-RayChiropractic AssessmentChiropractic Assessment Photographer: Curtis Rigney